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BDO Esnad is an Egypt-based outsourcing company. The company was established to provide organizations with business process outsourcing (BPO) services that aim to drive long-term cost reductions while keeping a focus on continuous performance improvement. The BPO services provided by BDO Esnad include Contact Center outsourcing, Payroll outsourcing, Finance & Accounting outsourcing, Human Resource outsorcing and Market Research outsourcing. These services are extended to organizations across public and private sectors as well as in-shore and offshore.
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BDO Esnad Stands out
Focus on the core competence is every business’ priority; Business Process Outsourcing helps the organizations achieve this objective. By leveraging on the experience of the specialists and experts of the outsourcer, the organization frees valuable time and energy that can be employed on what made them successful in the first place their core business. Within the past decade, the pace of business...
BDO is the world's fifth largest accounting organization with a network of over 670 offices in 110 countries, and some 44,000 personnel worldwide.
BDO Esnad, the outsourcing arm of BDO Khaled & Co. which is one of the largest professional firms of auditors, accountants and advisors in Egypt practicing since 1985 with offices in
Cairo and Alexandria serving numerous Multinational and Egyptian companies.
At BDO Esnad we think of outsourcing as a partnership not just a service and it is with this notion in mind that we
have structured our organization, our processes and our technology platform. Understand your business and commit to your success is what BDO Esnad constantly thrives to achieve. Guided by core values including competence, accuracy, punctuality and professionalism, our team of experts brings the right momentum to your support functions.
Message from our CEO
It is indeed a fast-paced era that we are witnessing. Challenges and changing needs are an integral part of our daily business life. In the midst of this dynamic environment every business wants to stay focused on its core competence while being sure that all its support functions are able to endure the momentum. It is for that reason that an increasing number of organizations are engaging in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies. Because we understand their needs, we make it our concern to meet their every expectation. We realize that when an organization is looking to outsource any of its processes it will be looking to have access to the latest technologies along with the most innovative processes both managed and executed by well-trained and experienced people. It is hence in these three elements “People”, “Process” and “Technology” that we make our investments to serve our clients in the local, regional and offshore markets.

It is commitment to our client’s success that shapes our work and discipline that makes us follow through.


Sameh Montasser